Green Leaf Detoxifier Juice Recipe

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About Green Leaf Detox Juice Recipe

Green Leaf Detoxifier Juice Recipe

Green juice is a great way to get into our body greens that we wouldn’t normally eat much. What I like about juicing is that even when you use vegetables that you don’t like much, adding your favorite fruits like apples to the mix will turn your juice into a delicious drink! You will barely taste the vegetables! And most importantly it can’t get any fresher and healthier than this!

This blend of green leaf vegetables is reported to help pull toxic metals out of the body[citation needed]. The original recipe didn't have the ginger and was too bitter tasting. Increasing the citrus taste from the pineapple and the lime helps make the green juice more palatable. The ginger adds an additional layer of complexity.


  1. Lime Juice – 3 limes Juice
  2. Pineapple – Pineapple 1/2 medium
  3. Swiss Chard/Collard Greens – 6 Large Leaves
  4. Fresh Coriander – One Small Bunch
  5. Fresh Ginger Root – One Small Piece

Equipment Require

  1. Juicer/Juice Extractor
  2. Cutting Board
  3. Knife (Pile Fruit)


  • Firstly Cut and Squeeze the Lime into the Juicer
  • Cut out the outer layer, the top and the bottom of pithy cone of the Pineapple.
  • After that Cut the Pineapple into a long-thin strip, so that it can be inserted into your Juice Maker Easily.
  • Now Grind the Pineapple in the Juicer
  • Next, tear the Green Leaf into small pieces and put it in the Juicer, Grind it well.
  • Put Cilantro and Ginger Root and Grind it. (Optional - Ice Cube)
  • Now Serve it along with Ice Cube, which will make around 2 Cup.

Tips for Green Leaf Detox Juice

  • Kale can be used instead of chard or collard greens, but it is more bitter.
  • Measurements are listed as exact but precise measuring is not needed.
  • The juice that is not stored in the fridge goes off pretty fast. The warmer the room the faster it goes off. In summer it can go off within an hour, if not in the fridge!
  • By juicing you lose fiber that each fruit and vegetable contains but what I do is this: I simply take some of the pulp (that usually goes to bin) and mix it back into the juice! You don’t have to do it though.


Can the Pineapple changed with Apple cide vinegar ?
Yes You can, if you enjoy and used to drinking apple cider vinegar
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